Virtua Fighter 2

Virtua Fighter 2
Game Name: Virtua Fighter
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): SEGA
Developer(s): SEGA AM2
Genre(s): Fighting
Release Date: 26th January 1996
Serial Number: MK81014-50
Region: PAL

Virtua Fighter 2 ScreenshotVirtua Fighter 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed arcade hit, Virtua Fighter, which arrived in the arcades back in 1993 using Sega’s Model 1 arcade system.

Sega’s AM2 team was praised for delivering the most innovative and exciting fighting game to be released in a decade.
Where other similar games relied on gimmicks in an attempt to excite fans of the stagnant genre, Sega went back to basics with Virtua Fighter adding 3D technology and making use of advanced motion capture and physics techniques to create the most advanced fighting game in the world.
Released alongside the Saturn in 1995 it became the most popular game for the console.

This follow up, first released in arcades in 1995 on Sega’s advanced Model 2 system, does more than just build on the original.

Virtua Fighter 2 ScreenshotFirstly, two new characters have been added bringing with them two martial arts styles.
Shun Di uses a Drunken Kung Fu style used to lure opponents into a false sense of security, by appearing intoxicated, and punishing this with quick strikes.
The second new character, Lion Rafale, uses a style similar to praying mantis Kung Fu, as with Shun Di his strength relies on Surprising counter attacks.

The most important change that these new characters bring is a side step, allowing the player to move towards and away from the camera, a perfect answer to the criticism that the original lacked “freedom of movement”.

Virtua Fighter 2 ScreenshotThe first thing most players are likely to notice is the look of the game, despite the wide range of martial arts styles used in the original, the character design left alot to be desired.
Characters are now more detailed and thanks to better animation they now appear much more individual.
The game now includes over 1000 moves, every character from the original remains and they’re better than ever.
Most noticeable are Akira Yuki, who uses a rare from of Karate called “Hakkyoku-ken”, has the ability to deliver a wide range of combos, Jacky Bryant has also received an overhaul now using a more bouncy style of Jeet Kune Do complete with a variety of new moves and combos.

Where the original’s soundtrack was uninspiring, Virtua Fighter 2 has a whole new score ranging from rock to traditional oriental music, for those with different tastes a Remix option is available.

Virtua Fighter 2 Screenshot

The Saturn version includes many modes absent from the original and the arcade version, these include: Vs Mode, Expert Mode, Team Battle Mode and Watch Mode.

Whilst the other modes are self explanatory, Expert Mode, whilst first seeming identical to the Arcade Mode, the AI examines your techniques and over time, learns how to counter these, forcing you to constantly change your style. For those wishing to master the game, this is the best option.

Where this game either succeeds or becomes a complete failure is down to longetivety. Those wishing to merely complete the arcade mode will get no more than ten minutes of fun from this game, those wishing to completely master it can expect a lifetime of challenge. With a huge variety of characters, martial arts styles and ways to play Virtua Fighter 2 is an instant hit, no other game in it’s genre comes close to matching it for fun and technical impressiveness. For fans of the original and Saturn owners looking for an innovative leap in gaming, this is a must buy.

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