Virtua Cop 2

Virtua Cop 2
Game Name: Virtua Cop 2
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): SEGA
Developer(s): SEGA AM2
Genre(s): Rail Shooter
Release Date: October 1996
Serial Number: PAL -MK81043-50 / 0081052-50B (With Virtua Gun)
Region: PAL

Virtua Cop 2 ScreenshotHaving believed to have defeated the ‘EVL Inc’ criminal empire, the Virtua Cop duo (Michael Hardy and James Cools) team up with Virtua City Police Department detective Janet Marshall following a daylight raid on a jeweller’s believed to be the work of EVL Inc.

Virtua Cop 2 brings back the classic Virtua Cop on-rails light gun gameplay with a few minor improvements. As before, the game is split into the stages each with an increasing level of difficulty.

Stage 1 (Beginner) takes place during a jewellery store raid, Stage 2 (Medium) at a ship harbour, and Stage 3 (Expert) at Virtua City’s subway.
As before players must fighter their way through enemies while maintaining their lives, being shot a number of times will cost a life, as will shooting hostages.

Virtua Cop 2 Screen Shot

Background objects make a return with exploding barrels being the preferred method of taking out groups of enemies.

Controls work the same way as the original with reloads being performed by pulling the trigger while aiming off screen.

Two players can take part in the game, but as before they can only work as a team meaning there’s no room for ‘versus’ contests.

This sequel includes a few neat touches, interactivity with the scenery is increased with the playing of a drum kit with bullets being an amusing section of the game.
Choreography has been improved and during the first stage of the game players are treated to a high speed car chase.

Unlike the original, Virtua Cop 2 allows the user to select multiple routes through a stage which goes some way towards answering criticism of the original’s linear gameplay.

Virtua Cop 2 ScreenshotVirtua Cop 2 Screen Shot

In 1997, former Games World Videator and future videogames journalist Martin Mathers appeared on the British videogames television show GamesMaster, and participated in a challenge to complete a stage on two separate Virtua Cop 2 cabinets at the same time. Mathers performed admirably, but ultimately failed the challenge after shooting a bystander and losing a life.
After the camera captured him venting his frustrations (although inaudible, he can clearly be seen to be mouthing expletives), he cut a post-challenge promo joking that he had taken pity on the bystander and performed a mercy killing, due to the apparent likeness to British pop singer Peter Andre.

Despite not being a revolutionary title, Virtua Cop 2 adds enough to the original to keep the game fresh for fans, a great shooter.

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