Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider
Game Name: Tomb Raider
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): Eidos Interactive
Developer(s): Core Design
Genre(s): Adventure
Release Date: 22nd November 1996
Serial Number: MK81086-50
Region: PAL

Well I have to admit, Tomb Raider was one of the games that marked me the most.
Why? well to start with because of its theme, you incarnate a female Tomb Raider named Lara Croft, the girl is like a female version of Indiana Jones and comes packed with lots of incredible moves.
Jumping forward, back, sideways, rolling on the floor, jumping and grabbing to edges, well you can see where I’m going.

Tomb Raider Screenshot Sega SaturnFor the time it was released Tomb Raider marked a huge step, especially because the freedom of movement that makes you feel like the character is totally under your control.

Controlling this “do all” character you travel along caves, creepy tombs and other ancient places searching for rare artifacts named Scion.

Most of the game is based on exploring and puzzle solving, mostly finding the key for certain spots and using it to open the door to another place, where you will have to discover which switch to pull to open the next door.
This may sound boring, but trust me, it is not!

Tomb Raider feels very dynamic compared to most exploration based games, mostly because of the freedom that it gives you but also because from any corner a Velociraptor or a Wolf can suddenly jump and attack you without warning, and then the action part of Tomb Raider begins.

Lara has at her disposal some weapons to destroy her enemies but she will need you to be fast with the buttons and to be able to keep moving, jumping and rolling while your shooting because her enemies are merciless, and find Lara very tasty (oh well so do I)

Tomb Raider Screenshot Sega Saturn

The combat system works with a lock on function, as soon as you take your guns out Lara will lock on on the enemy that is closer to her and on her sight, then all you have to do is press B and kill it, to change target simply stop shooting and Lara will re-target another enemy, as long as it is in her eyesight.

The action is good but most of the time you will be running and jumping around the levels exploring, and how well does that work?
Well, controlling a character in a 3D world with a D-Pad can be frustrating, and in Tomb Raider there will be some times when Lara will fall of a cliff or inside a pool filled with alligators because the D-Pad didn’t do its job.

The rest of the control aspect is very well set and its very instinctive so you’ll be doing some crazy moves at the beginning of the game. To train those moves Lara will lend you the use of her gym, its an option on the game where you can visit Lara’s home and train the moves that will be saving your ass during the game.

Tomb Raider Screenshot Sega Saturn

3D games usually have some camera problems, and I’ve seen people complaining about this on Tomb Raider, in my personal experience I haven’t had any problems yet.
Its true the camera can sometimes be set in a way where you wont see Lara from the back nor the front, but from the sides, and sometimes the camera is very close to her shoulders and you cant see what’s in front of her, but by pressing Y you can change to a view similar to First-Person and you can have an idea of the area that’s in front of you.

One of the bad things about Tomb Raider its the music and sound, the noise of the guns is really bad and sometimes an entire level can be music less, and the only sound you will hear is when you discover a secret of the game or you find a key or something.
Talking about secrets… various levels of the game have secret places to be found, that will be counted on the score at the end of each level.

In conclusion, Tomb Raider is an amazing adventure/action game, with lots of freedom to give you and that will let you feel in control of the game, it also has that rewarding feeling every time you finish a level because you know you finished it thanks to your skill and not thanks to your luck. Its, in my opinion, one of the many “Must-Have” games for the Sega Saturn.

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