Sega Rally Championship

Sega Rally Championship
Game Name: Sega Rally Championship
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): SEGA
Developer(s): SEGA AM3
Genre(s): Racing
Release Date: July 8th 1995
Serial Number: MK81207-50
Region: PAL

Sega Rally Start Screen ScreenshotSega have quite a reputation with motorsport, ask anyone what the highlight of the arcades in the 1980s was and they’ll answer OutRun, Hang On and Street Fighter.

Whilst not boasting the pedigree that Capcom has with fighting games, you could say that the staff at Sega are as passionate for motorsport as they are videogames. This passion continued into the 1990s with the first driving game to use true 3D technology with Virtua Racing, Daytona USA gave 8 players the chance to battle it out.

Sega Rally boasted something a little less significant, small differences in the handling of each car and road surfaces. This didn’t stop Sega Rally becoming the most popular arcade game of 1995.

Although it’s difference between other racing games aren’t huge, you get the feeling that Sega have finally perfected the genre.
The cars handle like a dream, the way cars slide over the ground is the most realistic feeling in a video game yet, nothing comes close.

Sega Rally Menu Screen Shot

Courses are a mix of bumps, jumps, hairpins and chicanes, differences in road surfaces are instantly noticeable as your car slides across gravel and your tyres screech across tarmac. There’s always the feeling that one small mistake will send your car slamming into a wall, calculating the right angle to take a jump is a game in itself.

The Saturn version, despite the loss of the force feedback steering wheel, loses none of what made the arcade version so good.

Championship and Practise are available in the Arcade Mode, Versus Mode and Time Attack allow you to choose from one of four available rally courses ranging from Desert, Forest, Mountain and Lakeside with the option to race, or record lap times, backwards or mirrored.

Sega Rally Gameplay Screen ShotSega Rally Gameplay Screen Shot

For those who complete the Championship in first place, using the similarly tuned Toyota Celica and Lancia Delta, the Lancia Stratos is available.
Lacking in stability you’re given the bonus of driving the fastest car in the game.

There’s a wide array of driving games on the market offering a ludicrous amount of vehicles and courses. Whilst these numbers seem impressive, they lack in style what they have in substance. Therefore Sega Rally’s longetivity, as it has already proved in the arcades, will outlast that of any competitor.

Sega delivered yet another racing classic.

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