Last Bronx

Last Bronx
Game Name: Last Bronx
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): SEGA
Developer(s): SEGA AM3
Genre(s): Fighting
Release Date: October 1997
Serial Number: MK81078-50
Region: PAL

Last Bronx Menu ScreenshotFamed for producing racing games, Last Bronx was AM3’s first foray into the fighting genre and one of the first to use weapons instead of purely hand-to-hand combat.

The Anime introduction sets the scene of a fictional post-‘economic collapse’ Tokyo ravaged by gang warfare, where rival leaders meet up to fight each other for control of Japan’s most famous city.

As with other fighting games from SEGA, the game is controlled using the standard ‘Guard, Punch, Kick’ control layout where, in this case, ‘Punch’ is used to control the large array of weapons each character uses in the game.

Last Bronx Gameplay ScreenshotThe combatants in Last Bronx use a wide range of fighting styles and weaponry, the game’s main protagonist, Yusaku, uses a three part ‘sansetsukon’ which is not too dissimilar to a pair of nunchuks. Kurosawa uses a wooden sword, and Saburo uses a giant hammer…

As with most fighting games, moves and combos are dished out by combining directional movements with button presses in different combinations.

In a similar way to Fighting Vipers, players are able to corner their opponants using walls, however the fighting arenas are twice the size. Last Bronx also nicely introduces feint attacks in order for the player to be able to lure defensive players out of using blocks.

Last Bronx K.O. Screenshot

In keeping with Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers, the single player game consists of an arcade mode where players fight their way through each of the games characters including the end boss, in this case, Red Eye.

Once completed, the player is again treated to an Anime sequence which can be viewed in the game’s ‘Watch Mode’.

Despite not having the depth and longevity of Virtua Fighter 2, Last Bronx certainly brings plenty of new elements to the genre and is a great experience for someone looking for a worthy alternative to AM2s efforts.

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