Fighting Vipers

Fighting Vipers
Game Name: Fighting Vipers
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): SEGA
Developer(s): SEGA AM2
Genre(s): Fighting
Release Date: October 1996
Serial Number: MK81041-50
Region: MK81041-50

Fighting Vipers Opening ScreenFighting Vipers builds upon AM2’s Virtua Fighter which revolutionised the fighting genre back in 1993, and raised the bar again with the sequel in 1995.

Rather than rest on their laurels, Sega have made many changes to their tried and tested formula to make Fighting Vipers a refreshing experience while maintaining the credentials which made Virtua Fighter so popular.

The first new feature you’ll notice is the caged arena, this brings new strategy to the gameplay as attacking players will work towards keeping their opponent cornered as opposed to finishing with a ‘Ring Out’.
Skilled players will be able to rebound off these walls to turn the tables on the opposition.

fighting Vipers Screen ShotThe second feature is armour, Sega have implemented this in order to encourage a more attacking style. Constant blocking, as with Namco’s Soul Edge will result in the players losing armour leaving the player more vulnerable to attacks.

Lastly, some of the characters possess weapons. Raxel, Fighting Viper’s glam rocker sports a guitar which can be used in attacks, similarly Picky can use his skateboard however the variety of moves enabled by these weapons is lacking

Players will find many similarities with Virtua Fighter, such as the ‘Guard, Punch, Kick’ control scheme, with combos and throws being pulled off in a similar fashion.

Fighting Vipers ScreengrabCharacters also bear similarity to Virtua Fighter’s cast in terms of fighting style, the main protagonist, Bahn, is very similar to Akira for special moves. Pulling off Tokio’s combos work the same way as those of Lau. New styles have also being added such as Grace’s taekwondo kicking combos.

Where Virtua Fighter is a simulation, Fighting Vipers is a more over-the-top interpretation of the genre with more imagination having gone into the moves, characters and stages, all accompanied by a J-Rock soundtrack.

Despite these aspects, Fighting Vipers sadly lacks the depth of its AM2 cousin, the moves list isn’t as comprehensive and the character roster isn’t as balanced.

On the other hand, player may find this to be a light-hearted and fun alternative which is certainly a great addition to the Saturn line-up.

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