Game Name: Exhumed
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): BMG / PIE
Developer(s): Lobotomy Software
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Release Date: November 1996
Serial Number: 81084-50
Region: PAL

Exhumed MenuExhumed is an FPS game with a unique twist. The game takes place in Egypt. In this review I will be covering the games aspects such as the game-play, music, graphics and more.
The basic story of the game is that something has been happening in Egypt. There are Reports of some strange hostile forces killing people and wreaking havoc. Many Special Forces were sent in but none ever returned.

You just happen to be one of the best operatives the world has to offer and have been selected to go in and find out what’s going on.
As you arrive your helicopter is shot down and you barely escape alive. With no contact with the outside world or any way to escape you step forward into Egypt and your adventure begins…

Exhumed has amazing game-play for its time and has many great features which also made it unique and fun.
Just like your average FPS game it involved exploring levels and collecting weapons, ammo and health.

Exhumed Gameplay ScreenshotYou also have to collect special items which grant you great powers from the Egyptian gods, such as sandals of a pharaoh would allow you to jump higher than normal, anklets which allow you to walk over surfaces which would normally kill you instantly etc.

This adds a whole new level of fun to the game. Rather than just running and gunning everything from point A to point B, Exhumed allows you to explore and find items and secrets. There are hidden rooms, hidden items and the game has a lot of replay value.

The game is also very large and has around about 20 levels which are huge and range from old tombs to mines, Egyptian cities and even volcanoes. Each level has great layouts and design and the game never looks or feels repetitive.

There are also several weapons to collect such as pistols, machine guns and grenades.
Exhumed also has many original weapons such as a manacle which allows you to shoot our thunder to make enemies literally explode into pieces!

Exhumed Game ScreengrabThere are many different enemies, from your average little spiders, wasps and other pests to mummies and demons, each with their own unique attacks to keep you on your toes.

So overall there is a lot regarding the game-play of Exhumed. There is even more than what I have said here but that’s because I don’t want to spoil the game.

Graphics is another area where Exhumed excels, and being one of the first few FPS games released on consoles this really does push such amazing graphical prowess out.
It was even on par with top PC FPS games back then!

The game uses it’s own engine called the “Slave Driver” engine which was based on the BUILD engine.
It uses large 3D levels but uses 2D sprites for items, enemies and so forth.
The graphics are very colourful and set the mood very well.

Exhumed Outdoor Screen ShotOne of the great features of the games graphical engine was dynamic lighting effects.
This was definitely showcasing the Saturn’s amazing and under-rated power. If there was explosions or fireballs etc the area around it would light up accordingly.
The frame rate is also solid but you can experience VERY LITTLE slowdown at points but with such incredible graphics and things going on it’s no surprise! One of the best looking games ever made on the Saturn or even any other console at the time.

Ah yes the sound and music of Exhumed…

The music is definitely some of the best game music I have heard. It uses the eastern sound and Egyptian kind of theme to it which fits the game well. It’s quite hard to explain but the music is absolutely fantastic and very enjoyable to listen to while playing.
The sound effects are also very good too and fit the games feel perfectly.

Exhumed is a solid title; Amazing gameplay, graphics and just so original. If you are a fan of FPS or are looking for something different and fun just get it. This game should NEVER be left out of ANY Saturn owner’s collection.

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