Dragon Ball Z: The Legend

Dragon Ball Z: The Legend
Game Name: Dragon Ball Z: The Legend
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): Bandai
Developer(s): Bandai
Genre(s): Fighting
Release Date: 1996
Serial Number: T-13301H-06 / T-13301H-09
Region: PAL (French and Spanish Only Release)

Dragonball Z: The Legend Opening ScreenBeing a kid it’s not easy, especially if you were influenced by an anime series that corrupted your TV screen a few years ago. Yes I’m talking about Dragoon Ball, probably the most popular Anime of all time.
I know that my biggest dream was to clap my hands, make some weird moves and release a ball of light that would destroy my enemies of that time, aka my teachers and the bullies from school.

I tried hard to do it, but I guess I never learned the secret of using my Ki, the bullies ended up beating me up and my teachers pulled my ears for not doing my homework.
Good thing that to protect me from those beasts I had my Sega Saturn, my TV and of course a copy of Dragon Ball Z: The Legend.

The game has two different modes, the Combat Mode and the History Mode.

Dragon Ball Z in game ScreenshotThere isn’t much to say about the Combat Mode, you can play against the Console, against another human player (and by human I mean human, not some freaking alien that may have landed on your bedroom) or you can simply watch characters controlled by the system beat the crap out of each other.

Unlike other beat’ em ups on DBZ: The Legend you and your opponent get to chose up to three different characters to control.

On combat mode all the characters chosen will be active on screen at the same time, just like a real Dragon Ball battle, you only get to control one but you can switch as you wish during the fight.
You also define the target you want to attack or that you want your allies to fight. Gamer doesn’t get to control the character freely around the screen, can only get closer or further from the enemy that is selected.

Now the particularities of this game start here, you don’t get to directly inflict damage to your enemy…

Dragon Ball Z Gameplay ScreenshotOn the screen there are three bars; One is your health, the other one is your fighting energy and the other one is the Power Balance.
With your regular attacks, be they kicks, punches, throws or energy shots, you get to unbalance the Power Balance bar gaining advantage, when you fully control it the character you control will unleash a special move and that move is the one that will actually injure your enemy.

The same thing can happen to you, if your enemy gets to hit one of your characters too much he will control the Power Balance bar and therefore damage you.

On the History mode the combat system is similar to the Combat Mode, except that here you can only chose your characters from a limited roll given by the game.

The history mode follows the story of Dragon Ball Z starting in the fight against Vegeta and Nappa and ending in the battle against Buu, it’s divided into 8 episodes and you can only move to one episode after completing the previews one.
Your progress is saved in the consoles memory every time you finish an episode.

Dragon Ball Z Screen ShotGraphically the game is well designed; you use 2D characters in a 3D world. Although the world is very well conceived the character detail could be allot better, the characters are too much ‘pexileside’.

The story is told in sequences that are pretty close to scenes of the series, very well designed.
The sound is also pretty good, characters actually have some dialogue and you can clearly understand them if you know Japanese of course.

Over all it’s a pretty decent game, that could have a lot more detail given to the characters. It has a different and easy to learn combat system although it may sometimes feel a little repetitive. If you are a fan of the series you won’t be disappointed by the game.

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