Daytona USA

Daytona USA
Game Name: Daytona USA
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): SEGA
Developer(s): SEGA AM-2
Genre(s): Racing
Release Date: 1995
Serial Number: MK81200-50
Region: PAL
Daytona USA Title Screen

Daytona USA Title Screen

Seriously, does such a classic Saturn game like Daytona USA really need any introduction?
Daytona USA is one of many arcade-ports for Saturn and even if it’s a little disappointing in terms of conversion quality, the main factor, gameplay, remained untouched.

You can define Daytona USA with one word: Arcade! It’s just drift after drift through the whole tracks, all 3 of them! They are however really well designed with recognisable objects surrounding the tracks including the statue of Jeffrey from VF & a huge rock with Sonic etched into it.

Track names are simple: beginner, advanced and expert. While the beginner track is just a typical oval, the other two are more challenging with some tricky corners that are begging to cut them with powerslide.

Daytona USA Course Select

The gameplay is fast paced and gives a lot of fun but it’ll take some time to master those drifts and achieve some decent times.

There’s a choice to race against other cars or against the clock in time lap mode, the first mode may sometimes be annoying when the other cars push you against the walls or block you, but it’s the only way to unlock new cars.

There are also mirror versions of the tracks allowing you to race on them in reverse, or choose endurance mode for a half-hour long race!
Daytona really offers a lot of great time consuming gaming even if it seems to be quite the opposite at first.

Time to say something about Daytona’s A/V…

Daytona USA in Game

Daytona USA was rushed and sadly it shows.

The visuals are average with a visible pop-up and mediocre framerate.
As I mentioned the track design is great but on the other hand the objects doesn’t look that impressive.
The arcade version looks a lot better and it’s obvious that Saturn couldn’t handle such graphics but still Daytona should have had better presentation.

When it comes to music… well I like it but some could say it sucks, it just depends, my opinion is that the songs fit the game pretty well with some memorable lyrics like “Daaytooooooooooona!! Let’s go away!” and others.
There’s also a hidden “Karaoke mode” so you can listen to them in instrumental versions and sing by yourself…
(if you really want to).

Daytona is pure arcade.

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