Dark Savior

Dark Savior
Game Name: Dark Savior
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): SEGA
Developer(s): Climax
Genre(s): RPG
Release Date: 1997
Serial Number: MK81304-50
Region: PAL

Dark Savior is a 3D isometric RPG game with a strange but unique mix of gameplay.

Dark Savior Screenshot 1

The game takes place on an Island which contains cities, dungeons and your usual RPG things.
You play a man named Garian who is a professional bounty hunter and are allied with a bird called Jack who supports you throughout the game.

Anyways, Garian and his friends who are also bounty hunters managed to capture a famous (from killing etc) and vile creature known as Bilan.

Bilan is being shipped to Jailors Island where he will be sentenced to death from Carbon Freezing (Star Wars anyone?).

Dark Savior Screen Shot 2

“Thank goodness I’d finished that hand shandy before Jack came bursting in.”

Garian decides to go on the ship and escort Bilan there to make sure he doesn’t escape.
A little while later as the ship gets closer to the island Garian is woken up by an alarm, Bilan has escaped and is killing everyone in its path.

It seems his power was under-estimated… Garian leaves his cabin and the adventure begins…

Dark Savior has very unique gameplay with a mix of RPG, platform and fighting elements.


There is a thing in the game called a parallel system – basically at the start of the game you have a time limit to reach the captain of the ship, and the time you achieve this in influences what happens and how the story unfolds. There are 5 different ways (parallels) and this adds a lot to the replay value since you can experience totally different stories with each one.

Dark Savior

When you explore it’s much like an isometric platformer, you can jump over traps and onto new platforms etc. as well as using your sword to hit switches or push things.
Whilst exploring you can talk to people or find items and so forth. Nothing too original but still works well and is fun.


The battle system is good but not without flaws. In battle you and your enemy have a standard real time HP bar, you can attack run back and forth and jump much like a standard fighting game.

It’s a great idea and something fresh but unfortunately lacks a lot of attacking options. All you can do is do a standard attack or charge up and use your special attack, nothing too amazing but I still found it enjoyable.
Also when in battle you can have a chance to capture the enemies and use them/their powers in future battles.

Dark Savior Screenshot

The island and it’s criminal inhabitants provides some very entertaining scenarios.

The RPG side of the game isn’t too in depth but the game isn’t supposed to be a super tactical RPG…
You can talk to NPC’s, collect items to trade for upgrades & weapons, get exp points to get stronger etc.
Dark Savior is a fast paced action-RPG which mixes genres together for something unique.

The graphics are pretty good, not ground breaking but still enjoyable, with a variety of environments to go though ranging from industrial areas to castles and forests.

These environments and are all live rendered 3D but the characters are 2D sprites, which mix together well.

Music is very enjoyable, and fits the feel of the game well. I guarantee you will enjoy listening to the music while playing perhaps even whistling the tune afterward.

Dark Savior is a decent game over all, I absolutely love it. It mixes 3 different genres together without getting too heavey into each. It could have been a little better in some areas but over all a great game and is worth picking up.

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