SS:UK’s Top 20 Sega Saturn Games

Top 20 Sega Saturn Games


As voted by our SS:UK forum users and lovingly compiled by VirtuaMuser, who has also asked that I give a special thanks to NeoGeoNinja for his assistance, here are SS:UK’s top 20 Sega Saturn games of all time from 20 to 1…



20. Dodonpachi

Dodonpachi Screenshot

Rated by many as the best SHMUP on the system, it’s no suprise to find one of Cave’s finest offerings here in the top-twenty, although I dare say like myself many will be shocked to find such an iconic and well loved shooter bringing up the bottom of the list!


19. Quake

Quake Screenshot

The astounding Lobotomy port of Quake certainly deserves a place here, although not everyone’s cup of tea gameplay and graphics wise, the effort put into porting it over is undeniable.
If only every developer went above and beyond as Lobotomy did!

18. Battle Garegga

Battle Garegga Screenshot

This truly great port of of Raizing’s arcade shooter hit fights its way in at 18, with it’s adjustable difficulty system it has something for everyone and is extremely re-playable.


17. Resident Evil / X-Men Vs Street Fighter

Resident Evil & X-Men vs. Street Fighter Sega Saturn


Two amazing Capcom hits tied for 17th place, Resident Evil needs little introduction or explanation, although loosing out on some technical aspects to the PSX version, some Saturn exclusive features make it well worth a play, although perhaps a surprise entry on this list!
X-Men vs. Street Fighter sees yet another amazing arcade port make the list, but is neither the highest 2D fighter of fighting game in general!

Daytona USA Sega Saturn




16. Daytona USA

A controversial entry here, although remembered fondly by many, the technical flaws not present in its arcade original have in hindsight put many off this iconic title. Its later Japanese CE release (not CCE) is now by many considered to be the better version.

15. Guardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes Sega Saturn


A well loved and excellently drawn beat ’em up extravaganza! that has had players returning over and over again for many years.
Its recent Xbox Live! release has kept this title very much in our consciousness, and happily lowered its re-sale price somewhat…


Sonic R Sega Saturn



14. Sonic R

The closest Saturn owners got to a full on 3D sonic title, this unusual racer beats out some pretty heavy competition on this list, surprising as it’s certainly a love or hate affair for most.


13. Panzer Dragoon

Panzer Dragoon


The first installment of Yukio Futatsugi and Team Andromeda’s frankly amazing Panzer Dragoon series, its low position on this list may reflect how it has aged compared to it’s sequels…


Virtua Cop 2 Sega Saturn




12. Virtua Cop 2

The only Light Gun game on our list – Virtua Cop 2 gave players a far more refined and exciting experience than it’s predecessor. During an era when light gun games were all the rage Virtua Cop 2 made its mark and despite its simple graphics style really stands the test of time.

11. Radiant Silvergun

Radiant Silvergun Sega Saturn


Its position above the likes of DoDonPachi and Battle Garegga will no doubt prove a point of debate, this technically excellent shooter from Treasure ticks a lot of boxes in both graphics and gameplay, however there are many rose-tinted spectacles at work whenever this title is reviewed or voted for.





Close – but no Segata!

Before we dive into our top 10, lets sneak out 5 titles that very narrowly missed out:

Sonic Jam – This classic compilation of Sonic titles missed our top 20 list by just two points!
Grandia – Despite the Saturn having no English release, this frankly astounding RPG certainly deserves an honorable mention.
Die Hard Arcade – A 3D beat ’em up of epic proportion and a Saturn fan favorite, no surprise to find it came close.
Exhumed/Powerslave – Quite a shock to not see this FPS in our top 20, for many Lobotomy software’s finest work.
Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Despite a lot of love for this on our forum this iconic fighter fails to make the cut, however…


10. Street Fighter Zero 3

Street Fighter Zero 3

This follow up to Zero/Alpha 2 not only beats its predecessor to the list, it thrashes it! Quite a surprise given the opinions expressed on our forums leaning well in favor of the previous game.

9. Fighters Megamix

As Devo said, freedom of choice is what you want, and this 3D fighter favorite with its huge array of characters keeps players coming back again and again.

8. Burning Rangers

Slipping into the tiny sub-genre of firefighting games! Burning Rangers wowed players with its excellent graphics and exciting gameplay, it is still one of the most playable games on the system.

7. Shining Force III (Scenario 1)

Accessibility of an English language release perhaps placed this above a few other worthy contemporaries, but there’s no denying that SFIII is a seriously amazing RPG experience.

6. Saturn Bomberman

Its crisp graphics, huge array levels, multiple gameplay modes and appallingly fun multiplayer mode sees Saturn Bomberman quite rightly in our top 10.

5. Panzer Dragoon II Zwei

The second Panzer title on our list so far, this next entry saw major leaps in story, graphics and level design over the original, and remains one of the most played and talked about games on the system.

4. Virtua Fighter 2

For many, the best 3D fighting game of its generation. VF2’s crisp high resolution graphics and excellent gameplay make it quite rightly the highest fighting game on our list.

3. Nights Into Dreams

You’ll seldom find a game as original or fun to play even now, back in 1996 many of us found this game utterly mind-blowing. Nights has stood the test of time well and features some of the nicest 3D graphics you’ll see on the Saturn.

2. Panzer Dragoon Saga

If you were going to assign the word ‘masterpiece’ to a video game this would be a strong contender. PD Sagas design, story and gameplay meld together perfectly to make it stand out as one of the most memorable gaming experiences you’ll ever have.

Ladies and gentleman, we have arrived…


1. Sega Rally Championship

It’s not a huge shock at the number one spot, if you had a Saturn back in the day you damn well had Sega Rally.
Still praised to this day for it’s amazing gameplay and very respectable frame-rate, as well as being credited for inspiring the Colin McRae Rally series, the replay-ability of Sega Rally, given it’s four courses and three vehicles is simply astounding.

Sega Rally Championship, officially SS:UK’s number 1 Sega Saturn game of all time!





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