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Game Review: Soviet Strike


Game Cover Shot

Release Date: 1996
Soviet Strike Box
Number of Discs: 1
Packaging: Thick 'EA Case'
Number of Players: 1
Simultaneous Players: 1
Languages: English
Controllers: Standard Pad
License: Commercial
Publishers: Electronic Arts
Developers: Electronic Arts
Genre: Isometric Shooter

Trivia / Notes
The first game in the series to feature cinematic cut-scenes.
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Main Review Written by <mick_aka>


It’s that old oft told story: CIA operative steals nuclear warhead, you get sent to hunt him down with a modest selection of super apache helicopters, harrier jets, tanks and hovercraft!

For me Soviet Strike is one of the Saturn’s unsung greats, building on a well established and respected series, Soviet Strike took that important step towards the next level of gameplay, with both player craft and enemy vehicles being fully 3D texture mapped models. Add to this the ability to change your view through 360 degrees, and this game could add a level of depth and gameplay that no other isometric shooter of the time could come close to.


The AI in Soviet strike is top notch, NPCs react in an extremely realistic and intelligent manner to your presence, this also adds another level of difficulty to the game, but not one which I have found frustrating in the least, the extra challenge is indeed welcome as I found previous offerings in the series to be rather easy.

Soviet strike is also of course the first game in the series to add cinematic cut-scenes, which do an excellent job of drawing you more deeply into the plot of the game.

The fluidity of the gameplay is nothing short of fantastic, despite its 3D programming shortcomings the Saturn handles the 3D environments with ease, and shows no slowdown or serious texture distortion, unlike the PSX version!

One issue with Soviet Strike is that it doesn’t appeal directly to fans of its genre.
Conventional shooter fans that are not familiar with the series will find the steady pace, constant hunts for supplies and cut-scenes very frustrating.

I think Soviet Strike has to be one of Electronic Arts’ best releases on the Saturn, it become obvious when comparing it to its other console release that the Saturn version was properly optimized with the appropriate amount of time and effort devoted to it.



A truly great game, and a sound and cheap edition to anyone’s collection, however those with a short attention span need not apply.


The Breakdown!...


Fluid and exciting, but not everyone's cup of tea.


Very well executed, a beautiful game for its time.


Sound FX that will have you jumping out of your skin, the music is great but gets a tad tedious after prolonged play.


This game is for the patient and persistent, for whom it really pays off, but many traditional SHMUP players will find it tedious and frustrating.


4th in the series, but pioneering in full 3D and its use of cut scenes.
Overall Score:




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