X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Release Date: 31/10/1997
Number of Discs: 1
Packaging: Standard Box
Number of Players: 2
Simultaneous Players: 2
Languages: Japanese
Controllers: Standard Pad / Arcade Stick
License: Commercial
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Fighting



Bundled with a 4Mb RAM upgrade cartridge, the Saturn version is a 100% perfect arcade translation.


Cheats & Codes

Play as Alpha Chun Li
Highlight Chun Li at the character select screen. Hold Start for 5 seconds, then press any button.





By: blackjackuk


X-men vs. Street Fighter on the Sega Saturn was and still shows what amazing 2D power the machine possessed under the hood, albeit with a little help from a 4MB cart that capcom specifically designed for this game.

This game is truly arcade perfect in every way and the only way to experience this game in your home unless you dabble in the minefield that is emulation, which is naughty! (Unless of course you own the arcade machine you lucky sod)

So if you donít know anything about the game (and you should where have you been?) Itís a 2D fighter taking characters from the Street Fighter Alpha series and X-men children of the atom game with a couple of new characters and merging it into one.

The ďgimmickĒ is you select two characters from a roster of 17 and you can switch between them at anytime during the match by pressing Z+C on the Saturn control pad or hard punch and hard kick if you prefer the arcade term!

The X-men moves are over the top as you would expect and as such capcom has boosted their own characters to compete!! For example Ryuís fireball now is huge and Kenís flaming dragon punch literally covers him in flames!

Your two chosen characters can perform various actions such as an assist were they can jump in briefly to attack the other player and also you can team together to do a double super move! Different teams of characters will work better than others damage wise.

I did mention earlier this was the only way to experience the game in your own home, however I would be lying in a manner. This game was released on the Playstation however it was such a terrible conversion with heaps and I mean heaps of animation cut out of it, horrendous load times and the main feature (the tag) taking out of the game!

There are load times in the Saturn version but Iím sure you can forgive 2 seconds sometimes 4 seconds with larger animation hungry characters like the Juggernaught.

To be blunt the Saturn version peeís over the Playstation version pulls its trousers down and points at it laughing!

The only gripes I have about the game is that there is no English language option in the game, so you canít understand the characters endings but all the options in the options menu are in English oddly enough! Wacky capcom! And there are no extra modes like a survival mode or something to keep you occupied but as always this type of genre is enjoyed best against a human player.




Arcade perfect



Full character animation... Arcade perfect



Just like in the arcade again.



Could do with more single player options



Far from the first of it's genre, but first of all the Marvel vs. Capcom series.





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