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Sega EuropeSega Europe

No explanation needed really. The official Sega Europe site, with all the latest Sega news and developments.



Quite simply the best dedicated Genesis/MegaDrive website on the internet bar none.
Masses of information, reviews, articles, interviews and a very active and friendly community.
You will find many of our SS:UK members also frequent Sega-16!


Sega8bitSega 8Bit

A fantastic dedicated Master System site, packed with info, articles, reviews and of course an active and friendly community.
This is far and away the best Master System dedicated site you’re likely to come across.


Sega DrivenSega Driven

SEGA fan-site that focusses on SEGA’s console history, retro games and new software hitting the shelves.
“We want to share a love of great, quirky, clever and down-right fun games and SEGA have managed to provide this for over 2 decades.”


Sega NerdsSega Nerds

An awesome Sega related blog and review site with video “Nerdcasts” and a wealth of interesting and amusing articles.