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Dave's Sega Saturn PageDave’s Sega Saturn Page

The original Sega Saturn fan page and the very website that inspired this one, recently re-launched as an archive by Dave himself!
Still plenty of interesting and useful info on Dave’s site, as well as nostalgia by the bucket load!


The Saturn Junkyard

The Saturn Junkyard

Simply the best and possibly only Sega Saturn dedicated blog on-line.
Depressingly well written and hysterically funny, as well as containing a wealth of valuable information.




A fantastic and truly massive database and archive of Sega Saturn Software and Hardware, run by the very knowledgeable <Madroms> who you will occasionally find lurking on our forums.
Satakore is THE most useful Sega Saturn recourse on the internet, coming from someone who runs a Sega Saturn website you can take that was very high praise.

A really good, but mostly German language Saturn site, with all the info you would expect to find with a few nice extras you won’t find on any others.
Also the home and download point for un-released Saturn great ‘Return Fire


Sega Saturn Net-Link LeagueThe Sega Saturn Net-Link League

An active and friendly on-line community dedicated to direct-dial multiplayer gaming over the Saturn’s NetLink modem.
Organize some retro on-line gaming with friends all over the world!



Sega – Video Review Site

Now more a general gaming site but still with many Sega Saturn dedicated articles and videos, this site has come on leaps and bounds.




GamesSX Make a USB Saturn PadGamesSX Mod Factory – USB Saturn Pad

The official USB Saturn pads can be pretty pricey! so why not try making your own?

Bit of a solder-jockey only job, but one with fantastic results.



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