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Videogame Perfection

SS:UK Forum regular buckoa51‘s excellent site covering mid-range video processors used to up-scale retro and modern consoles, switch boxes and all kinds of information that many of the bigger gaming sites on the internet neglect.

Console Goods

Long time friend of the site Rob Webb stocks an excellent range of Sega Saturn hardware and software at very reasonable prices.
Also check Rob’s store for many other retro console items. An SS:UK Trusted Seller.


A fantastic and truly massive database and archive of Sega Saturn Software and Hardware which has recently branched out into selling also, run by the very knowledgeable <Madroms> who you will occasionally find lurking on our forums.
Satakore is THE most useful Sega Saturn recourse on the internet, coming from someone who runs a Sega Saturn website you can take that was very high praise.


Quite simply the best dedicated Genesis/MegaDrive website on the internet bar none. Masses of information, reviews, articles, interviews and a very active and friendly community.
You will find many of our SS:UK members also frequent Sega-16!

Survival of the Dad

Our friend Jan’s personal blog, with many interesting video game related musings.