MegaMan 8

MegaMan 8
Game Name: MegaMan 8: Anniversary Collector's Edition
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): Capcom
Developer(s): Capcom
Genre(s): Platform
Release Date: 27th February 1997
Serial Number: T-1216H
Region: USA

Megaman 8 ScreenshotAh Megaman, the blue bomber, is back. After 7 installments of defeating Dr. Wily, you would think he would get tired of fighting bad robots. Well he’s not because he’s back again once again to defeat Dr. Wily once more.

The Saturn version is the definitive version of Megaman 8. The graphics are crisper and cleaner and there is no slowdown compared to the PS1 version.
The animation is great to look at and the colors are bountiful but the game isn’t perfect.

The part where the Saturn version suffers is the FMV’s, the quality is really poor in this game compared to the PS1 version.

Gameplay wise, this games shines. The controls are really tight and I believe they’re better compared to the PS1 and its, in my opinion, uncomfortable controller.

Mega Man 8 Screenshot

The bosses are on the easy side as their pattern is easily figured out.
The enemies are just cannon fodder as you can just blow them away and be on your merry way.
The game is easier compared to past installments.

Sound wise, the game sounds great, from the mega blaster charging to the little sounds megaman makes when he jumps.

The voice acting in the game isn’t bad but they sound kiddy and stupid.
Roll sounds like a nail on a chalkboard to me, the bosses sound like idiot goons but maybe that’s what they were going for and last but not least, Mega “man” sounds like a girl!

Mega Man 8    Mega Man 8 Shot

A last word, Megaman 8, in my opinion, isn’t the best of the Megaman games.
The game feels like it was made for children in mind. Megaman 8 is still a great game though and I suggest you go out and find it.

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