Guardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes
Game Name: Guardian Heroes
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): SEGA
Developer(s): Treasure
Genre(s): Action / RPG
Release Date: 1996
Serial Number: MK81035-50
Region: PAL

Guardian Heroes Screenshot

Guardian Heroes was one of the Saturn’s early titles to showcase the 2D oomph that the console had. Made by Sega veterans Treasure in 1996.

The game is a one or two player affair or up to 6 players with a multi-tap in the VS mode mentioned in the review.

The game is mainly a scrolling beat-em-up but it does have RPG elements in it. The story of the game is a bunch of treasure explorers have found a great magical sword and the lead character Han has position of the sword for the first level till settle you into the game.

After you have done the first level this is where the game starts to pick up pace. Han losses the sword and it goes to a character called the “undead hero” who you get to control throughout the rest of the game with a few simple commands! The most devastating command is a massive explosion, which completely engulfs the screen!

Guardian Heroes ScreenshotThe RPG element in the game is for levelling up your chosen character. There are 4 main characters in the game to start with Han who is the muscle, Nichole who is weak but fast, Ginjirou who is an all-rounder with lighting attacks and Randy who mostly specialises in magic with a little hamster thing on his shoulder called Nando who will also attack the enemies.

Han only has one magic attack and is thus pretty boring to play but he is usually the first player people will pick.

You do meet another character called Serena along the way that will become playable in the main game. The games story as I mentioned earlier starts with the group finding a magical sword but it then goes into very Japanese anime story telling involving heaven and hell and depending on which of the many routes you chose during your game which are chosen after the end of most levels will determine which ending you get out of the 6 available some are good some are bad endings.

Guardian Heroes ScreenshotThe gameplay is fast and frantic with multiple enemies attacking you at once and you do get a bit of slowdown on occasion usually when more of the bigger enemies appear on screen but this can be forgiven because it happens rarely and a game of this type would never work on the Playstation!

For so much data within the game the load times are very minimal which shows you what great programmers treasure are!

The game has lots of transparency effects particularly Nichole’s pink cape, which I think was probably an up yours towards people that said the Saturn couldn’t pull these effects off.

Guardian Heroes ScreenshotThere is another game mode in this an excellent VS mode where 6 players can fight out in teams or against each other if you like. As you meet characters in the game they will become playable in the VS mode, which adds up to over 40 characters to use in it!

I did forget to mention that the game opens with a fantastic anime intro which I hoped would eventually lead to a full blown anime series but sadly this has never appeared!

Treasure is mostly known for the radiant silvergun game on the Saturn, which is a shame cause I feel that this game does get over looked although it will cost you a pretty penny to buy on ebay! – A must for any Saturn owner!

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