Fighters Megamix

Fighters Megamix
Game Name: Fighters Megamix
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): SEGA
Developer(s): SEGA AM-2
Genre(s): Fighting
Release Date: Spring 1997
Serial Number: MK81073-50
Region: PAL

Fighters Megamix ScreenshotYou’re probably very familiar with Super Smash Bros., a franchise that brings iconic Nintendo characters together to battle out under fighting game rules. It’s done well because gamers love dream match ups, settling age old ‘what if?’ battle scenarios. As big and popular as the franchise is now, the fact remains that Sega implemented this great concept years before the first Super Smash Bros game was even released, in the form of Fighters Megamix. To the average gamer, Fighters Megamix is pretty much Sega’s equal to Super Smash Bros, a game that brings iconic Sega characters together in one game to fight it out.

Developed by AM2, Fighters Megamix is at its core, ‘Virtua Fighter vs. Fighting Vipers’, which at the time were the leading fighting franchises of Sega. Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter are both excellent games, unique and special in their own right, but the core foundation of both games are quite similar thus making this ‘Megamix’ so ideal. Thankfully, AM2 went beyond their two beloved franchises by bringing some more Sega celebrities into the mix.

Fighters Megamix ScreenshotWhat’s great about Fighters Megamix is that it features an all star roster of Sega characters. Featuring the complete roster from both Virtua Fighter 2 and the original Fighting Vipers (which in itself is a huge feat), the game also starred characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtua Cop, Rent a Hero and even the Hornet from Daytona U.S.A, among other oddities (such as a certain rejected Virtua Fighter character). With over 30 playable characters (many of which have to be unlocked) it’s a pretty awesome roster that will make any old school Sega fan smile.

In terms of gameplay, Fighters Megamix fuses the fighting mechanics of Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, while adding a dash of Virtua Fighter 3 to the mix. The end result is a mechanically modern fighting game that still feels relevant in this day and age. It has a host of cool gameplay mechanics borrowed from both franchises, featuring cool techniques like parries, armour breaks, air recoveries, air juggles, wall combos (for closed arenas), and it was also one of the first fighting game to have 3D movement in the form of a dodge button. In a way, Fighters Megamix is a prelude to the modern 3D fighter, and is still a real blast to play because it offers the same fluid, deep and highly sophisticated 3D fighting gameplay that only AM2 can deliver.

Fighters Megamix ScreenshotThere’s a huge selection of stages in Fighters Megamix, offering a mix of open (infinite) arenas and closed arenas (from Fighting Vipers). The open/infinite arenas are pretty similar to the ones in early Tekken titles. The huge selection of stages and backdrops borrow from Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, Virtua Cop, Sonic the Fighters, Rent a Hero and others. The selection of music is also as diverse, with plenty of classic 90s Sega tunes.

Fighters Megamix is a petty massive 3D fighting package, and an impressive feat for the Saturn console. It’s a fairly nice looking game with some cool character models, and it’s also blistering fast with some consistent 3D animation.

However, the game does not look as good as Virtua Fighter 2 or Last Bronx, and it suffers from some occasional slowdown, clipping and hit detection issues. Also, it’s not the most fined tuned or balanced fighting game out there, which comes to no surprise considering the diverse mix of characters and fighting engines.

Fighters Megamix ScreenshotFighters Megamix was never meant to be a serious and perfectly balanced fighting game for the arcades, as it’s a console exclusive title that succeeds remarkably at providing a highly entertaining, immense and addictive 3D fighting experience. It’s also an unadulterated love letter to Sega fans from the 90s, giving them a rare chance to pit the massive and crazy mix of playable Sega characters against each other.

Fighters Megamix may not be the most refined or polished fighting game on the Saturn, but it’s still one the most exclusive and entertaining experiences that the console has to offer. A lot of the characters and franchises featured in the game have unfortunately become irrelevant (and even forgotten) in this day and age. But if you are a fan of that glorious era of Sega, then Fighters Megamix is the ultimate nostalgia infused fan service for you.

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