Die Hard Trilogy

Die Hard Trilogy
Game Name: Die Hard Trilogy
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Publisher(s): Fox Interactive
Developer(s): Probe
Genre(s): Action
Release Date: August 1996
Serial Number: T-16103H-50
Region: PAL

Die Hard Trilogy was my favorite game as a kid, I never owned a Saturn back then so I could only play the PlayStation version!
After buying my first Saturn I thought I might as well compare the SS and PS versions, and while it is still a great game on the Saturn, it pales in comparison to the PlayStation version.

First of all lets talk about Die Hard, the first game on the disc and easily the best out of the three.
The game is a standard third-person shooter. What actually makes this game so good is how bad it is…

The AI is probably the worst of any game ever made (sometimes bumping into an enemy head on wont make them notice you.) and the voice acting is absolutely terrible. Still, this game alone would make a great purchase!

Now lets talk about Die Hard 2: Die Harder.
I seriously wouldn’t recommend this as both the PS and Saturn have much better Light Gun games, on the Saturn especially.

DH2 just feels like a shoddy clone of Virtua Cop with a framerate so terrible its nearly unplayable.


Now onto the final game, Die Hard With A Vengeance…
This is actually better on Saturn than it is on PlayStation as the framerate is a lot smoother, but this game is still hard as the controls are extremely sensitive and the game doesn’t give you much time.

Now onto the PS/Saturn differences:
Load times: The PlayStation version has the initial load to the menu, and it loads whenever you select a new game, the Saturn version has an extra load time between the separate games menus and the first level of each. Also the cool flames on the PS loads are absent from the Saturn version.

Framerate: Except for Vengeance, the Saturn version’s framerate is terrible, especially in Die Hard 2, which sometimes feels like 5 FPS!

High Score Screens: The High Score screens from the PS version with more people getting burned alive as your score goes down is just text in the Saturn version. Oh well, at least the same Name Entry screen is kept.

Closing Comment: If you only own a Saturn, then go for it, but if you own a PlayStation 1, 2 or 3 then get that version!

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