Fire Pro Wrestling Six Man Scramble

Fire Pro Wrestling Six Man Scramble
Game Name: ファイアープロレスリングS 6メン スクランブル (Fire Pro Wrestling Six Man Scramble)
Media: 1 CD-ROM
Genre(s): Sport / Fighting
Release Date: 27th December 1996
Serial Number: T-4308G
Region: JP

Fire Pro Wrestling ScreenshotLike every console from the 8-bit era to consoles of today, wrestling titles are always guaranteed to pop up somewhere. The Saturn was no exception to this tradition. Like many other consoles the Saturn has its fair share of average to below average wrestling games so it’s a fair to say when one hears of a new wrestling game, one isn’t always inspired with confidence. However, there have been a few titles that have been an exception to this rule. Fire Pro Wrestling Six Man Scramble is one of them.

Fire Pro Wrestling Six Man Scramble is the second wrestling game by Human Entertainment available on the Saturn after the criminally underrated and overlooked Fire Pro Gaiden: Blazing Tornado. Where as Blazing Tornado was more Arcade classic, tongue in cheek with a small character selection and modes of play designed for shorts bursts of fun. Fire Pro Wrestling Six Man Scramble is all about longevity, taking itself more seriously while maintaining the fun factor of its predecessor. One of the unique features of Fire Pro Wrestling SMS is it’s the first game and the only game from Human Entertainment to have a 6 player mode.

Fire Pro Wrestling ScreenshotThe game is well presented with the menu layout set out clearly, simply and orderly making it easy to navigate through the menus for non Japanese speakers. The game play is absolutely fantastic. Choose from Victory Road which is the games story mode, Title Match, One Night Match, Open League, One Night Tournament, Elimination Match, Battle Royal, Death Match in a steel cage and Gruesome Fighting. Most modes giving the choice of one on one, tag match, 3 man tag and lumberjack. As with all games in the Fire Pro wrestling series, it features professional wrestlers with fictitious names. Make your choice from over 150 professional wrestlers. Hardcore wrestling fans will recognize most of the wrestlers, but a casual American wrestling fan should be able to recognize 30-40 wrestlers. The wrestlers name are in Japanese but the game allows you to rename all the wrestlers with English names. This will take at least 30 minutes but it will be worth your while with the character roster being so large its easy to forget where everyone is. Once you choose your wrestler(s) the match will begin.

Fire Pro Wrestling ScreenshotFire Pro’s grapple system is the best way to inflict damage. It is set up so that you have to time when you hit the combo of direction and button, and you will do a wrestling move. The A button is the weakest, so using it out of the grapple will get you a punch or a headbutt, causing little damage. The B button is usually reserved for suplexes and piledrivers, and multiple headbutts. Late in the match, it will be possible to do maneuvers with the C button, these moves will devastate the opponent. Powerbombs, jumping piledrives, and the brain- buster are the usual moves out of this. If you are looking to finish the match, using the A and B button together will usually do the finishing move for your wrestler. If you haven’t worn down the opponent, he will usually reverse it, causing severe damage to you. Most of the time, if you do your finisher over and over you will end up killing your opponent, leaving him laying. Some wrestlers, like Big Van Vader, can Critical using more than just their finisher. Shooter wrestlers will often critical using a submission hold.

Fire Pro Wrestling ScreenshotThe custom wrestling edit has possibly the greatest “create character mode” I have ever seen in any game. Extremely sophisticated, rounded and detailed making Warzone look simplistic. EVERY single type of wrestling style is represented here. From Lucha Libre, to Japan Power Style, to Shoot fighting, to American style, MMA and more. Every style is easily identifiable, the Luchadores (like Rey Misterio Jr.)tend to be very aerial. The Power style is brutal in nature, shooters tend to use submissions to cripple their opponent. American Pro Wrestlers tend to fight with more plexes and MMA fighters have a higher chance of causing critical damage just from simple punches and kicks.

The sound is very good. With distinct sounds for all connecting moves and various in the ring instrumental themed music proving not too distracting but present.

The graphics while good but not mind blowing are perfect for what the game is and what it tries to achieve.

Fire Pro Wrestling ScreenshotThe longevity is off the scale, with Victory Road story mode which would take a good part of a year to complete, wrestler edit, multi-player fun, Fire Pro Wrestling Six Man Scramble has it all. Tons of replay value and entertaining fun offering a variety of exciting and challenging modes of play, Battle Royal being the stand out. Although if I had to nit-pick I’d say with over 150 professional wrestlers to choose from there is no excuse for not including a Royal Rumble mode. But I’m nit-picking.

Overall a Fire Pro Wrestling ticks all the boxes, easily the BEST wrestling game on the Saturn and quite easily one the BEST games on the Sega Saturn. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say Fire Pro Wrestling Six Man Scramble sits within the Top Ten of the best Saturn games ever made. If there was ever a game to make non-wrestling fans, wrestling fans. This is it. An essential import.

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