Not just a website, a way of life.

Not just a website, a way of life.It is with much regret, that this latest news update is to report the closure of what I considered to be one of the most important video games related websites ever to grace the interweb, Gary Cutlack’s brilliantly satirical site UK:Resistance has finally closed it’s doors after 15 years.

What was originally one of the finest Sega news and reviews sites, became a scathingly funny and intensely well written commentary on the games industry as a whole, as well as a repository for any interesting and/or amusing games related news, with Sega of course still taking prominence.

If not for UK:R and the already long departed, this website and the community it attempts to build would quite simply not exist.

This is a sad day for both myself personally and for all those that found a voice, thanks to the writings of Gary and many others at UK:R.
You shall be sadly missed by many, and on behalf of the five legged limping but determined spider that is SS:UK, I would like to salute a sadly fallen giant of planetary proportions.