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SSF – Sega Saturn Emulator

If you’re looking to play your Sega Saturn games on a PC in a way as close to the real hardware as possible then SSF will be your port of call.
SSF has come on leaps and bounds since we began using it many years ago, it’s very stable, widely compatible and allows you to play your Saturn favourites at a reasonable speed with sound.

USB pads and joysticks are supported, you can play in original aspect or stretched, with or without scanlines etc. etc.

SSF Sega Saturn Emulator

SSF Running with some of the EZ Setting options displayed.

SSF gives you 90% emulation accuracy and will run around 80% of the entire Sega Saturn library without issues.
Although SSFs minimum specs are very modest indeed (P4 processor, 256MB ram) You WILL need a decent spec PC to run SSF at playable speeds with sound and more advanced options.

Sega Saturn UK’s minimum SSF spec:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or faster processor,
DirectX 9.0c capable graphics card which supports Vertex Shader 3 & Pixel Shader 3


Get SSF from its official site (Japanese Language): CLICK HERE


The SSF game compatibility list can be found over with our friends at SegaSaturn.org: CLICK HERE


Sega Saturn Development Software

Links and downloads of past and current Sega Saturn development software will appear here shortly, in the meantime you can find some of the original documentation, libs and tools HERE