There were a number of printed magazines relating specifically to the Sega Saturn, below are details of the popular publications in English…

Sega Saturn Magazine Issue 1


ISSN No: 1360-9424

Publisher: EMAP

The official UK Sega Saturn magazine is remembered very fondly by many a Saturn owner, it stands as one of the most well written and consistently amusing gaming magazines ever to go to print. It regularly included a cover mounted demo disc, or in the case of issue 1 a VHS cassette.

SSM ran for 37 issues from Nov 1995 to Nov 1998 .

Click HERE to read our interview with former SSM Editor Rich Leadbetter

All 37 Issues of SSM are available for download from the Out of Print Archive




ISSN No: 1368-0013

Publisher: Future Publishing

Having evolved from and replaced the earlier Sega Power Magazine, Saturn Power was a relatively well known magazine in the UK from the start.
Generally well written much like it’s official brethren above and regularly included cover mounted Demo Discs.
The final issue, despite having a goodbye message, still included a page to sell readers subscriptions!

Saturn Power ran for 10 issues from June 1997 to Feb 1998.


Total Saturn Magazine Issue 1


ISSN No: 1364-9469

Publisher: Rapide Publishing

Total Saturn was rarely well put together and accused of plagiarism a number of times, as well as being known for using PlayStation screenshots to represent many cross platform Saturn titles without noting such in the articles.

Total Saturn ran for 6 issues  from October 1996 to March 1997



Saturn+ (Saturn Plus) MagazineSATURN+ (UK)

ISSN No: 1359-2181

Publisher: Paragon Publishing

This ill fated Sega Saturn magazine from Paragon only ran for 5 issues in the UK,  and was more a quarterly publication.
Quality was mediocre in most departments but considerably better than Total Saturn.

Saturn+ (aka Saturn Plus) ran for 5 issues from December 1995 to January 1997



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