Marvel Superheroes

Marvel Super Heroes

We delve into one of the Saturns most well recieved fighters.

Getting the Best Picture from Your Sega Saturn

Poor Picture Woes?

See Bucko's guide to getting the best possible image quality from the Saturn.

Puyo Puyo Tsuu (2)


One of the greatest puzzlers of all time? We take a closer look.


1995: Programming on the Sega Saturn

Mick west at his desk with Sega Saturn development kit to the right of shot.

Renowned programmer Mick West, known for his work on many AtariST & Amiga titles and later the amazing MDK and Tony Hawks series, writes about his experiences while at Neversoft in 1995 coding for Skeleton Warriors on the Sega Saturn.
This article is re-published here with his kind permission.

Saturn on the Sofa

Sega Saturn Sofa

DavyK talks about 10 Great Sega Saturn games for same room multiplayer.

SS:UK’s Top 20 Sega Saturn Games

Top 20 Sega Saturn Games

After an extensive user poll collated by SS:UK member VirtuaMuser, we take a look at SS:UK’s Top 20 Sega Saturn Games, as voted by our community forum users!

Some surprises, conspicuous absences and very obvious entries make this an interesting run-down of how our users specifically feel about the Saturn’s catalogue…


Import Quest #1

‘Import Quest’ is a feature exclusive to in which the wealth of Sega Saturn’s Japanese library will be explored. The feature is an attempt at encouraging people to try out the plethora of hidden gems in the JP library. The feature is a casual look at said titles and therefore is not to be taken as a review as it is merely a compilation of my thoughts of any games I discuss, however, in some features I may choose to talk about more specific areas of a game.

Official Sega Club Partner Discs

Official Sega Club Parner Discs

Released only in Japan to members of the official Sega club, the partner discs contained exclusive demos, interviews and videos many of which cannot be found anywhere else.

We will eventually be showing the content of all 6 of these discs via YouTube, but for now check out the first few parts of disc 1 by clicking the link below, or visit our YouTube channel by clicking the icon at the top right of the screen: