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Featured Sega Saturn Review

SEGA Worldwide Soccer '98

Sega Worldwide Soccer '98

<NickSCFC> our resident Stoke City supporter dives into this great review of SEGA Worldwide Soccer '98
Will this sequel bang in a last minuet hat-trick or strike an own goal?


Featured Sega Saturn Store

Rob Webb Console Goods

Friend of the site Rob Webb's store offers an excellent range of Saturn Hardware and Software as well as many other retro gaming goodies.


Featured Sega Saturn Link

NetLink League
NetLink League

The NetLink League is a site primarily devoted to gaming with the Sega Saturn's NetLink Modem.

Great site with loads of info and a friendly forum.


Don't Forget...

Many gamers and collectors seem to be paying well over the odds for their Saturn games!


Consult the Buyers Guide First...


Many thanks to forum regular and collector <northerngooner>


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