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This will be the final feed post on in it's current guise.This marks our 5th year here at SS:UK! and later this year this site will be replaced by a brand new version.

The new site will be largely blog and article based while also featuring the same information contained here, including all the excellent reviews plus some new additions.

We will also introduce social media links enabling you to tweet, facebook or +1 any articles and/or reviews on the site.

It's been a long time coming but we're almost there.

The forums will remain largely unaffected apart from a change of layout (this has already happened)

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mick and the SS:UK team.

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Official Sega Club Parner Discs
Official Sega Club Parner Discs

Released only in Japan to members of the official Sega club, the partner discs contained exclusive demos, interviews and videos many of which cannot be found anywhere else, I weill eventually be showing the content of all 6 of these discs via YouTube, but for now check out the first few parts of disc 1:


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The times they are a changing...
The times they are a changing...Hi there Saturn fans, you may have noticed a lack of updates on the actual site at the moment, although our forum is going great guns as usual!
The site is currently undergoing a massive and complete redesign, this will include a totally new layout AND the addition of a proper database for our user reviews section.
It may be a few months before this new site is operational, but do take a look at our Community Forum which has already been updated with the new design.

Don't forget to come and join our community forums if you haven't already!

Mick and the SS:UK team.

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Not just a website, a way of life.
Not just a website, a way of life.It is with much regret, that this latest news update is to report the closure of what I considered to be one of the most important video games related websites ever to grace the interweb, Gary Cutlack's brilliantly satirical site UK:Resistance has finally closed it's doors after 15 years.

What was originally one of the finest Sega news and reviews sites, became a scathingly funny and intensely well written commentary on the games industry as a whole, as well as a repository for any interesting and/or amusing games related news, with Sega of course still taking prominence.

If not for UK:R and the already long departed, this website and the community it attempts to build would quite simply not exist.

This is a sad day for both myself personally and for all those that found a voice, thanks to the writings of Gary and many others at UK:R.
You shall be sadly missed by many, and on behalf of the five legged limping but determined spider that is SS:UK, I would like to salute a sadly fallen giant of planetary proportions.

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The Super Quick March Update!
The Super Quick March Update!Hi there Saturn fans!
As many of you already know I've been in very poor health these past few months, and life has generally conspired to derail any well laid plans I may have had.
However, we're rapidly getting back on track and we'll start off with plugging a few new reviews on the site:

As you will notice our current featured review of Shining the Holy Ark is a spanking new review by site contributor <martiniii> who has also written an excellent (and rather controversial) review of Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean, adding another great review to our U.S games section.

We also have a great review of the Saturn classic Wing Arms by long time forum member <Sonix>

The review section will be busy over the next few weeks but we still want your reviews, especially for titles not yet covered.

Keep living the dream,

Mick and the SS:UK team.

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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Xmas!
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Xmas!Yes it's that time of year again already, and to celebrate another Xmas here at SS:UK and over 1,000 registered forum members, we're having a little competition!
We want you to show us your individual artistic talents, by producing an artistic piece based on both Xmas and our beloved Sega Saturn.

This can take the form of a drawing, photograph, sculpture, film or anything remotely artistic, and most importantly original.
There are some pretty awesome prizes on offer for the top 3 entries, and perhaps another prize for the worst entry!

This contest is open to registered SS:UK forum members only, and all the details are available on our forum under the 'Site and Board' section at the bottom.

So go forth, and be artistic!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from all here at Sega Saturn UK.

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Busy, busy, busy!
Busy, busy, busy!Well what a mad month this has been!
We've had some serious action going on in our reviews section, so a big thanks to all who have contributed there, please head over and check out all the new stuff being added.

Long time contributor Nick Ellingworth has written an excellent beginner's guide for anyone just starting out with the PAL Saturn, click here to take a look.
Our Hardware>Consoles page has had a big update correcting some errors by the original writer, and rest of our hardware section will hopefully be complete very soon.
Loads happening on our forums as usual so if you haven't already get signed up!

On a last note we now have an affiliate link for Game of Japan who have some awesome Japanese Saturn goodies in stock, do check them out as every purchase there through our link helps pay for our hosting ;-)

As always, thanks for all your continuing support, any site is only as good as the community behind it and all our regulars are fantastic.


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September News!
September News!Well we've tried to hit September running here at SS:UK, and the more eagle eyed amongst you may notice that quite a few more reviews are being uploaded to our reviews database.
I'm currently working through a large backlog, so if you've sent a review in that has not appeared don't panic! it will be up soon.

Long time forum regular and contributor Nick Ellingworth has written an excellent 'PAL Beginner's Guide' for the site which can be found in our 'Docs and Downloads' section under 'Guides'.

And to make september extra special, why not head on over to and treat yourself to a cut-out and build Sega Saturn!
Click Here for Direct Link to Saturn Model.

Well folks that's all for now, but the updates will be coming thick and fast over the next few months so stay tuned, and dont forget to come in and make like minded friends by joining our amazing community forum.

All the best, Mick and the SS:UK Team.

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SS:UK on YouTube!
SS:UK on YouTube!Well it's been a quiet few weeks here at SS:UK, largely due to the admin's decorating debacles, however there have been a few additions, the most notable of which is our new YouTube channel!

Largely thanks to forum regular 'retsub101' we now have a small selection of videos for your viewing pleasure at:

But we need more! any members can have access to our YouTube account, simply join our forum and send a Private Message to Admin to discuss your video and obtain the password (changed periodically)

Alternatively you can still email any videos to or upload them to a file hosting site and send us the link.

In other news our reviews database is growing all the time and we are still working through the backlog, but keep those reviews coming in!

And lastly another big thanks to all our supporters on our forum, 550 members and growing...

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"A love letter to a generation of gaming" - Rich Leadbetter
Sega Saturn UK interview infamous video games journo, former Editor & Contributor to the UK's Official Sega Saturn Magazine, and all round nice bloke, Mr Richard Leadbetter.

"You needed to be a certain type of gamer with a certain mentality to be turned on by the Saturn, and happily that was exactly the way we were" - Rich


Many thanks to Rich for participating and all our forum members for some interesting questions.

To discuss this interview, or suggest other interviewees please sign up and post on our fourm.


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Featured Sega Saturn Review

SEGA Worldwide Soccer '98

Sega Worldwide Soccer '98

<NickSCFC> our resident Stoke City supporter dives into this great review of SEGA Worldwide Soccer '98
Will this sequel bang in a last minuet hat-trick or strike an own goal?


Featured Sega Saturn Store

Rob Webb Console Goods

Friend of the site Rob Webb's store offers an excellent range of Saturn Hardware and Software as well as many other retro gaming goodies.


Featured Sega Saturn Link

NetLink League
NetLink League

The NetLink League is a site primarily devoted to gaming with the Sega Saturn's NetLink Modem.

Great site with loads of info and a friendly forum.


Don't Forget...

Many gamers and collectors seem to be paying well over the odds for their Saturn games!


Consult the Buyers Guide First...


Many thanks to forum regular and collector <northerngooner>


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